Niccori [Niccori-p]

Niccori [Niccori-p]

Hey I'm niccori! (niccori-p)

I mainly use the vocaloids IA, Len, Rin, Luka, Piko, and Sora!

My mainly used Synthv's are Tsuina-Chan AI, Kyomachi Seika AI, and Koharu Rikka AI!

I am a kiyoteru lover!❤️🖤✨

I also love Akita Neru!💛✨📱

MMDer?? (Maybe idk) and cover maker.

Twitter: cybercrepe

I finally make MMD videos yeahhah!!!!

used to be cybercrepe

My pfp and banner are by MusicRevU (Hoshi!) (I edited the banner!)

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