NOTE: for my channel name it says 10 characters. So the real name doesn't have an extra r.

This channel posts edits and animated music videos of a really cool series! Do you know Miraculous Ladybug? it's a Disney show but don't worry it's amazing. You probably didn't though. How about Naruto? Probably yes. It's quite more famous! Well, with fans all over the world, my channel provides entertaining music videos on scenes from the series to match the words and beats of the song. This really gives the audience the reason to be more entertained by the show. Please subscribe to my channel and you won't be disappointed! Also, feel free to recommend edits for anything you want as well! 

P.S- Im very underrated :(. No one is noticing my channel at all. As of today, I have 300 subs. but for my hard work, this isn't enough. I put in so much effort while in the end, nothing in exchange. So please support me!

P.S(2) I have a shorts channel as well just for the same content if you like watching TikTok type vids. Its 's BLINGSTARSHORTS. If you like more real movies, I have a channel for that too! Just go and find MARVELSPELLS on Youtube for Harry Potter and Marvel edits for older age. See, juggling 3 channels is a lot. And I need it from you. Please help me achieve my dream of getting to 100k. I know I'm not even halfway close to there but I really am trying. Thanks and have a great day!! 

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